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pinknblackicons's Journal

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.Pink N' Black Icons.
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Hello! Welcome to pinknblackicons! Founded by melodyic_rhyme and run by her, lefthandpenguin and lalikaa. The posts will vary, as there are three posters, but they will mostly consist of animanga icons, banners, and wallpapers.

For common courtesy, we ask:
1. If you could credit, if you take anything! You can credit whoever made the post, or just the comm as a whole, it doesn't really matter, as long as you do credit!
2. Please don't edit any of our graphics! We put a lot of work into these, and if they're textless, they're like that for a reason and they are not bases in anyway.
3. You don't have to comment if you take something, but it'd be really nice if you did!
4. do not hotlink. It eats bandwidth, which will lead to less graphics.
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